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Calor Gas Northern Ireland Ltd

Calor Gas is a brand of bottled butane and propane which is available in Britain and Ireland. It comes in cylinders, which have a special gas regulator. The company was formed in 1935, and is one of the UK's largest suppliers of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Address: Address: Airport Rd W, Belfast BT3 9EE

Tel: 0808 159 7864


Whether for your home or business, Flogas have the solution to your energy requirements. Cosy homes all over Ireland have already made the switch to Flogas for gas central heating, hot water, cooking and much more, while thousands of business, big and small, use Flogas to heat and power their enterprises. Furthermore, we have years of experience in helping businesses significantly reduce costs and improve productivity. Our team of engineers and designers are on hand to assess your business needs, and advise the best possible solution for you.

Address: Airport Road West Belfast Harbour Estate Belfast BT3 9ED, Northern Ireland

Tel: 028 9073 2611

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