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Farrans - Connswater Community Greenway

The project has created an attractive, safe and accessible cycle and walkway through an urban area of East Belfast, connecting over 40,000 people with:

- 16km of continuous cycle and walkway
- 7 new bridge crossings over the Connswater, Knock and Loop Rivers
- A new event space for up to 2000 people with 7 new pieces of artwork
- New amenities including 2 new play parks and MUGA pitches
- £11m of added flood protection to 1,700 local properties

Communicative Approach

Farrans’ consistent engagement with all those involved in or impacted by the Connswater project ensured clear and fluid communication throughout the works. This included:

- 551 meetings with homeowners, businesses and private land owners
- Over 80 construction meetings
- 46 communications meetings
- Over 100 weekly whereabouts newsletters
- 9 stakeholder forums
- Response to 750 public enquiries


Environmental Masterclass


Winner of the 2017 CEF Environmental Sustainability Award, the Connswater Community Greenway project is a model of excellence for all elements relating to Environmental Awareness. Outstanding elements of performance include:

- 24,000T of revetment stone was removed, crushed and reused

- 328 trees removed were reused (50% mulched for landscaping, 10% cut for animal habitats and 40% relocated and replanted)
- 5km of river mitigation 
- 2,821 training hours in environmental awareness 
- Sustainably sourced wood used in 2,021m of handrail
- 6 site bikes were used to travel between the 9kms of works; and 5 solar powered time-lapse cameras were used to record works.

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