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Belfast Met lead on European Vocational, Education and Training (VET) webinar

Belfast Met will be centre stage in the European Vocational Educational and Training (VET) week 16-20 May 2022 highlighting the digital skills transformation ARISE project.

The webinar on the 18th of May will examine how ‘We can use digitalisation to overcome exclusions and obstacles to training.’

Running from 11am-12.30pm on May 18th, ARISE Programme Manager Paul McCormack introduces the event, speaking on, ‘Revolutionising the learning process’. Paul will outline how the Belfast Met led project is harnessing the full potential of digitalisation to address the current obstacles in the training market, whilst delivering the future skillsets required by industry and addressing the realities of the current labour market. Paul stated: “Our digital transformation approach is changing the face of training, equipping trainees with the necessary quality skills, enabling them to unleash their true potential and address the skills shortages faced by industry. Belfast Met and the partners in the ARISE project are delivering innovative skills pathways, stimulating the demand for upskilling and helping transform industry.”

Belfast Met Principal and Chief Executive Louise Warde Hunter supports this opportunity, ‘The College is delighted to lead and deliver projects such as ARISE, BIMcert, and other digital transformation skills initiatives, leading digital transformation through a ‘beyond blended’ delivery model, enhancing our contribution as the FE lead across digital transformation in the sector. At Belfast Met we pride ourselves at being at the fore front of digital innovation to deliver quality training and skills, which are crucial to support the economy recovery of Northern Ireland.’

Dr Barry McAuley, Assistant Head of School at ARISE partner Technological University Dublin will speak at the webinar on ‘Digitalisation Accelerating Vocational Engagement’. TUD are responsible for the development of Agility E tools on the ARISE project.

Dr Anna Moreno, from IBIMI, (Institute for BIM, Italy) will speak on ‘Task Based Learning’. IBIMI is an association representing the professionals working in the Building Information Modelling domain in Italy as well as the Italian chapter of Building Smart International.

Highlighting the new digital approach to learning and upskilling tested within the Met, lecturers Andrew Hamilton and Eduardo Rebelo will outline how ‘Beyond Blended Adaptive Learning’ has helped change the mechanisms of module delivery and accreditation and delivered success.

Jan Cromwijk, Project Co-ordinator at ISSO in Holland will speak on ‘Micro Pathways Modules, Accreditation and Certification’. ISSO is the Dutch Knowledge Centre for the Building Services Sector. ISSO plays an important role in the coordination work on the CEN standardization in Energy for Buildings and building systems.

Dr James Harty, from ARISE partner, the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology’ in Denmark will speak on ‘Authentication-blockchain’. Building a platform for recognition of competencies through blockchain helps create a strong EU wide certification process.

Ms Dijana Likar, Head of Energy Department at ARISE partner IECE, (Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy), North Macedonia, will speak on ‘Measurable Success’ about the new ARISE project. In the ARISE programme IECE lead the work package, ‘Preparing Market Implementation’.

ARISE Programme Manager Paul McCormack will summarise the event by asking ‘What Success Looks Like, detailing what defines success in the modern 21st century learning environment and what metrics are valued by industry and learners alike. There will also be a question-and-answer session to further explain ARISE methodology. The EU Vocational Skills Week will learn how ARISE aims to change the learning process with delivery and recognition of energy skills in construction training methods.

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