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A product that not only recognises a hard-to-solve-problem but finally offers an elegant solution has been acclaimed at a major industry award, winning the Product Innovation Award at the GAI RIBA Specification Award. Norseal’s Complete Sealing System for sliding doors now makes it possible to seal the majority of sliding doors with any kind of hardware configuration, regardless of door and frame construction.

The GAI RIBA Specification Awards recognise excellence in architectural ironmongery specification and design, and are judged by a panel of hardware experts and architects every two years. The Norseal team was presented with the Product Innovation prize at a ceremony at the top of London’s iconic Cheese grater building on 5 May.

It is a well-known “fact” that it is impossible to seal a sliding against smoke, drafts and sound. The Norseal Complete Sealing System puts paid to that myth. It is a an unobtrusive drop seal that effectively provides smoke and draft protection plus the best possible acoustic performance for sliding doors of up to 55dBRw. It does this by providing automatic sealing top and bottom, and uninterrupted vertical sealing for most latched or unlatched sliding doors, even pocket doors. It works beautifully on timber, metal and even glass doors with zero-threshold, barrier-free access and minimal opening and closing forces.

Part of the European Athmer Group, Norseal is the leading provider of specialist door seal solutions, plus a wide range of ancillary door products. The company has a long track record of innovation, developing products which meet and exceed the latest industry standards for fire and smoke protection, acoustic properties, accessibility and thermal insulation. For more information visit or contact Norseal on 01661 830088.

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