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Remagin to Drive Significant Lifecycle and Sustainability Benefits

On the back of the major news announcement that EOS Framing will be joining forces with Etex Group partners Sigmat and Horizon, under the new Remagin brand – Scott Bibby, Country Manager for UK and Ireland at Etex New Ways, discusses how this move can accelerate sector growth.

Bringing together three major steel framing specialists is not without its challenges but the rewards for past, present and potential customers are immense. These businesses have been established in the sector for a considerable time and have developed leading positions in their respective markets. Each has individual strengths and specialisms, and by combining the ‘sum of the parts’ we are creating an offsite focused brand that has vast in-house skills to enhance our services to all customers and provide greater synergy across our extensive product portfolio – all based on sustainable light steel framing (LSF).

This move offers assurances to customers through a powerful combination of financial security, comprehensive services and market leading products, delivered by those at the forefront of design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of complete and compliant light steel systems. And this is all backed by the €3.7 billion turnover Etex Group with its significant investments in innovation, system testing capacity through five global R&D centres and its building materials expertise.

This is an exciting time in the development of not just our own business but the wider offsite construction community. Due to the proven benefits of panelised building systems, things are really taking off and by combining our joint strengths we are confident we can accelerate and maximise sector growth.

Circular Economy Credentials

As the industry addresses the challenges inherent to building a more sustainable world, offsite construction and light steel frame can have an important role to play. There is growing pressure on the construction industry to reduce waste and to achieve this we have to move towards resource efficiency. The circular economy is rising up the political and construction agenda. At its simplest, it prioritises the reuse of materials, preventing the over-extraction of natural resources and the amount of usable construction components that end up in landfill.

Steel has excellent circular economy credentials both as a material which is strong and durable and as a structural framing system which is lightweight, adaptable, recyclable and reusable. Steel is responsible for technological advancements across the globe and continues to drive innovation today. Topping the list for the most recycled material by weight, steel can be continuously recycled without any damage or degradation to its properties. Our steel is made up of 59% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

As the world moves towards circular construction protocols, Remagin will be leading the charge in enhancing the sustainability credentials of light steel framed buildings.

Construction can be a complex business but as we evolve more advanced offsite technologies, Remagin can help developers reduce risk and operate with more certainty and confidence. Remagin is building on the solid foundations established by Sigmat, EOS and Horizon and is backed by Etex Group with its significant R&D, testing capacity and materials expertise. We are in a strong position to add significant lifecycle value and sustainability benefits to our customers.

Remagin is well placed to accelerate the scale and impact of offsite construction, for more information go to:

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