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IMC Glass have invested in the design and
manufacture of these specialist slim double glazed units that satisfy the requirements of a low sight line to be fitted in traditional timber frames and we are the ONLY fully certified manufacturer of heritage type double-glazed units in all of Ireland.

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It is no longer necessary to expect people who live in old buildings not to optimise their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning up the heating and allows people to live more comfortably in older properties.

The Slim-glaze warm edge spacer technology consists of a poly metric tape that has a desiccant embedded in its
structure. It is physically smaller than a contemporary spacer bar and more attractive. It allows the perimeter margin to be kept to a minimum so it can be glazed in traditional glazing rebates. The double glazing has a perimeter seal from edge of glass to inside of spacer bar of 7mm + or – 1mm. Units can also range from 11mm to 16mm in overall thickness. Large panes up to 1m2 only can be manufactured using 4mm spacer, for panes over 1m2 please increase the cavity to 6m or 8m depending upon the size of the unit required.

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