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Tetra Ladder Safety System: taking the risk out of working at a height

Industry Training Services (ITS), Ireland’s largest provider of health and safety training solutions to the construction, civil engineering, utilities and manufacturing sectors, has launched the Tetra ladder safety system training in Ireland.

In response to the growing need for safer working conditions, ITS has introduced valuable lifesaving Tetra safety systems training featuring the revolutionary Tetra ladder system. Engineered to prioritise user safety and comfort, the Tetra system is a game-changer for individuals working from heights.

One of the key features of the Tetra Ladder Safety System is its versatility. Compatible with a wide range of ladder types and sizes, this system can accommodate diverse workplace needs across multiple industries, including construction, maintenance, and emergency services.

Managing Director of ITS, Brendan Crealey, commented: “The Tetra ladder safety system represents a monumental step forward in the field of height safety as it has the potential to reduce to zero the number of injuries or deaths caused ladder falls. And when you realise that falls from a height are the number one cause of workplace accidents, you can see why it is really a game-changer for so many workers from a range of sectors.”

Touted as a failsafe option for protecting anyone who has to use a ladder, either in their employment or for projects at home that require height access, the Tetra system relies on an easy to rig system of ropes that are attached to anchor points that effectively eliminate the risk of falling from a ladder.

Crealey continued, “While the Tetra ladder safety system focuses on having a user-friendly operation, our bespoke introductory training is extremely useful to new users of the system to understand completely the functionality and overall benefits of this revolutionary safety equipment. With simple installation and intuitive controls, workers can quickly adapt to the system, saving time while ensuring their safety.”

According to Brett Jones, HSEQ Manager at Morrow Contracts, civil engineers, the Tetra ladder safety system can truly be a lifesaver: “The Tetra ladder safety system really does provide a failsafe option for anyone who has to work at height.  All of our teams have undergone the training and it is literally changing how we work with ladders”.

ITS runs Tetra ladder safety training at its two dedicated training centers in Ireland: Cherry Orchard, Dublin; and Portadown, Co. Armagh.

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