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Portadown Interiors Specialist, The Deluxe Group, Launches A New Mini Irish Pub In The Us

The Deluxe Group, a global leader in crafting bespoke interiors for the luxury hospitality, theme park and cruise line sectors, has delivered its first Pub Óg, a custom-built, prefabricated Irish pub, to a client in the United States. 

The delivery follows on from the Secretary of State, Chris Heaton-Harris’ recent visit to The Deluxe Group’s Portadown and Antrim facilities where he witnessed the company’s remarkable success and got a firsthand look at the immersive Pub Óg. 

The inaugural delivery of the miniature Irish pub coincides with The Deluxe Group’s opening of a US subsidiary and a $750,000 investment as part of their strategic expansion within the theme park and experience sector, where the group delivers some of the world’s most advanced and captivating entertainment and themed attractions. The investment will initially create 24 new jobs in NI and Florida.

Pub Óg, the first-of-its-kind concept conceived by The Deluxe Group, aims to represent the pinnacle of authenticity when it comes to Irish pub experiences. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Pub Óg recreates the genuine ambience and warmth of a traditional Irish pub, boasting a compact yet inviting design.

An octagonal wooden structure, Pub Óg was “born out of frustration at not being allowed to enjoy a pint in any of Ireland’s pubs during lockdown”, says Richard Hill, Business Development Director at The Deluxe Group,

“You can easily fit six people plus someone behind the bar. We have created a venue where people can tell their stories and each pub can be personalised. Research has shown the octagon is the perfect shape to encourage conversation.”

Hand-built to order, a central, key feature of each Pub Óg is the bar top, and the ones in current production come from a storm-felled chestnut tree that was planted in the 18th century on an Irish estate.

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris, on his visit to The Deluxe Group, praised the team there for their innovation and successful export growth.

He said: I am always inspired by Northern Irish success stories and I was amazed by The Deluxe Groups strategic plans, including the launch of the new product Pub Óg. This is an exciting project and a fantastic opportunity for them in a massive market.

The leadership at The Deluxe Group have a passion to innovate and create unique experiences for customers and this passion is embedded in their talented team of workers.

I am confident that they will continue to excel and maintain the high standards in their work that makes them such an attractive supplier to the global luxury hospitality market. 

The Deluxe Group is gearing up for a new chapter marked by exponential growth in the United States.

Richard Hill added: “The reception from our American clients has been overwhelming for all of our services, reflecting the exceptional quality of our workmanship coming from Northern Ireland. In response to this enthusiastic demand and to better serve our growing American client base, we have invested in having our team on the ground in Florida. This is a strategic move that will allow us to deliver authentic and immersive interiors and experiences on a global scale.”

The company will showcase a Pub Óg at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) exhibition in Orlando this month where more than 35,000 influential buyers and companies will be represented.

Beyond the Pub Óg venture, The Deluxe Group’s Interior division has been making waves within the hospitality world. Its bespoke joinery work has been prominently featured in three of London’s most exclusive branded residences: The OWO Residences by Raffles, The Peninsula Residences by the Peninsula Hotels, and Mayfair Park Residences by the Dorchester Collection.

The delivery of the inaugural Pub Óg in the United States marks a continuation of success for the company across the Atlantic.

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