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Bio-Based Decorating Paints Launched To Market

A milestone in sustainable construction has been reached recently with the launch of PAINT ZERO, a cutting-edge plant-based coating.

Developed by an eco innovator, the product is not just a sustainable option for decorating and protecting interiors, but it also plays a crucial role in improving indoor air quality and generating carbon credits for architects, constructors, developers, and property management companies. This product is made entirely from 100% sustainable plant extracts, natural minerals, and salts.

One of the key features of PAINT ZERO is its composition in small, lightweight powder packs. These packs contain non-toxic pigments, and their use drastically reduces the weight, size, and waste associated with traditional liquid paints by about 75%. To prepare the paint, users simply need to mix the powder with tap water for 90 seconds, resulting in durable paint that comes in a choice of over 80 colours.

PAINT ZERO aligns with the construction industry’s drive towards net-zero targets for all new and refurbished buildings by 2030. The product’s bio-science breakthrough and low-energy production process significantly cut down on the Greenhouse Gas emissions commonly associated with liquid paints, and it also eliminates the need for single-use containers.

The design of PAINT ZERO offers several benefits in the construction process. Its compact packaging is less bulky and lighter than conventional liquid paints, which simplifies logistics and storage. The ability to mix only the needed amount of paint ensures fresh, consistent colour and makes it easy to adjust the viscosity for different surfaces and application methods.

The product is also recognised as ‘non-hazardous’, which means that its waste can be mixed with absorbent materials like sawdust for biodegradation with garden or household waste. This aspect of PAINT ZERO not only minimises environmental impact but also reduces disposal costs.

Traditional paint production is a notable consumer of fossil fuels and emitter of greenhouse gases. This product, in contrast, says it does not use fossil fuels and reduces emissions by up to 90%.

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