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Top 5 Trades Revealed For 2024

The most in-demand trades for 2024 have been revealed by trade insurance experts at Admiral Business.

The business has conducted research into various trades – from landscapers to bricklayers – by delving into Google search data to see which are expected to prove popular in 2024.

The rise in DIY enthusiasts and home renovators has been much documented in recent years, with social media platforms becoming a hub for sharing home improvement projects, from furniture upcycling to complete home transformations. Online tutorials and videos have empowered homeowners to take on smaller tasks themselves, decorating rooms and even building furniture.

But in an era where knowledge is readily accessible and the temptation to ‘do it yourself’ is ever present, Google search data highlights the enduring demand for professional tradespeople across the UK. Despite the increasing popularity of DIY home improvement, there remain tasks that simply always require the skilled hand of a professional.

By looking at search volumes for 14 of the most common trades across the UK, the data shows which are being searched for more now compared to the same time last year, therefore indicating which might be the most in-demand for the rest of 2024.

A spokesperson from Admiral Business said: “As we look ahead, it’s clear that several key trades will be in high demand this year. As builders, scaffolders and bricklayers are looking to be the most in-demand trades for 2024, we advise that you book in with your preferred tradesperson as soon as possible, to ensure that they’re going to be able to complete the work in a timely-manner. 

“These tradespeople undertake work that is essential all year round. Their skills aren’t seasonal, but perpetually needed, making them some of the most in-demand trades in the UK this year.”

The most in-demand trades for this year are set to be: 

  1. Builders 

The most in-demand trade for 2024 is builders, as searches for ‘Builders near me’ have increased by +124% in the last 12 months. 

Builders are instrumental in the construction industry, responsible for creating, renovating, and repairing structures. Their work forms the backbone of our homes, businesses, and infrastructural projects. With growing urbanisation and renovation trends, and the need for sustainable and energy-efficient construction, the demand for skilled builders in the UK is predicted to continue to rise in the forthcoming year.

Tradespeople working within the building sector are expected to be extremely busy this year, however, it may be best to book them in for work before the autumn, as October is the month that searches for ‘builders near me’ peaks in the UK. 

  1. Scaffolders

The second most in-demand trade for 2024 is scaffolders, with searches for ‘Scaffolders near me’ increasing by +83% in the last year. 

Scaffolders erect and dismantle the temporary structures used in construction, ensuring workers can access higher levels of buildings safely. This trade ensures the safety and efficiency of construction projects, making scaffolders an indispensable part of any building work. As construction activity is expected to grow in the next year, the demand for their skills will inevitably increase.

If you’re looking for a scaffolder, they’re going to be busier throughout the spring and summer months, with searches for ‘Scaffolders near me’ peaking between May and September. 

  1. Bricklayers

For bricklayers, their expertise lays the foundations of our homes and companies, making them essential to both homeowners and businesses. As the demand for new housing and commercial buildings grows, and the trend for durable, sustainable construction continues, bricklayers will remain in high demand in the coming year.

The need for bricklayers has become evident, with there being a +81% increase in searches for ‘Bricklayers near me’ year on year. 

Bricklayers are in high demand throughout the whole year, with a slight peak in searches happening in the month of August. 

  1. Electricians

The need for electricians is at a high, with there being +50% more searches for ‘Electricians near me’ year on year.

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems, ensuring that both homes and businesses are powered safely and efficiently. With the increasing reliance on technology and the race towards greener energy solutions, the demand for skilled electricians is expected to soar in the next year.

In fact, searches for ‘Electricians near me’ peak during the months of October and December. 

  1. Landscapers

Searches for ‘Landscapers near me’ have increased by +24% in the past year, with searches for the trade peaking in May – just as families are planning their outdoor spaces for the summer months. 

Landscapers create and maintain outdoor spaces, contributing to aesthetics, functionality, and environmental sustainability. As more homeowners and businesses recognise the value of well-designed external spaces, from gardens to patios to green public areas, landscapers are predicted to be highly sought-after in the next year.

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