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RECYCLE OF LIFE: Sheehan Group prevents more than one million tonnes of waste going to landfill

RECYCLING and sustainable construction firm the Sheehan Group is celebrating a landmark recycling milestone.

It has now saved more than one million tonnes of construction and demolition waste from UK landfill sites in the decade since it significantly invested in CDE recycling technology. The advanced recycling plant is used to wash construction and demolition waste, destined for landfill, turning it into high-grade reusable aggregate.

It produces two types of high-quality sand, a selection of graded recycled aggregates. The aggregates are used in the production of low-carbon concrete blocks, ready-mixed concrete and other construction materials.

Contractors are embracing high-grade recycled products, which have a lower carbon footprint and protect natural resources. The Sheehan Group uses recycled materials in many of its own construction projects as well as offering delivery and collection of the materials across Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Katie Sheehan, Sales Director of the Sheehan Group, said: “We’re proud to have reached this big recycling milestone. The introduction of the waste recycling plant more than ten years ago was a significant investment, as part of our sustainability strategy and commitment to leading the field in producing recycled materials. The volume of waste we have saved and reused is an excellent example of what can be achieved in the sustainability space.”

“Sustainability and reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint is more crucial than it ever has been with the growing climate crisis. We have successfully demonstrated the circular-driven economy makes a difference and remain committed to taking this further. If the construction industry adopted this model more broadly then it would help the sector significantly with its net-zero ambitions.” she added.

The Sheehan Group is a family-run business based in Oxfordshire that specialises in construction, recycling and civil engineering. In 2019 it invested in upgrading its CDE Global wet processing plant to produce higher quality recycled sand. It was one of the first companies in the UK to introduce the technology which is used for density separation to the existing system.

REUSABLE: Its advanced recycling plant is used to wash construction and demolition waste, destined for landfill turning it into high-grade aggregate.

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