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AXE FALLS ON LUMBER BUSINESS: BPI Asset Disposal Solutions helps Warrens Timber shut it doors

FROM construction sites to furniture workshops, the timber industry serves as the backbone for a vast array of sectors.

However, when market forces or business needs necessitate closure, companies like Warrens Timber face the challenge of efficiently disposing of assets and minimising disruption.

This is where BPI Asset Disposal Solutions stepped in to provide a smooth and successful closure for the West Drayton company.

Warrens Timber, a longstanding supplier of decking, sheet materials, treated lumber, mouldings, and various other timber materials, made the difficult but necessary decision to close its doors.

One of the key challenges they faced was how to efficiently offload a large amount of equipment and inventory. Already aware of BPI’s proven expertise in asset disposal, Warrens Timber proactively reached out to explore their options.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, BPI immediately deployed a project manager to Warrens Timber’s West Drayton facility. BPI’s team meticulously catalogued a diverse range of assets, including:

High-performance woodworking machinery included a Weinig U23E 6 Head Through Feed Planer Moulder, Wadkin Bursgreen BTS 630 Planer Thicknesser, and Altendorf F45 3200mm Panel Saw.

Timber inventory: A comprehensive selection of treated, sawn, and prepared lumber, catering to various construction needs.

Industrial racking: Durable and well-maintained racking facilitating efficient storage.

Beyond cataloguing, BPI’s team leveraged its industry expertise to accurately value each asset, ensuring fair market pricing that would maximise returns for Warrens Timber.

BPI didn’t stop at valuation. To reach the right audience, they implemented a targeted marketing campaign. This included leveraging online advertising platforms, industry publications relevant to woodworking and construction, and email marketing to their network of verified buyers seeking quality woodworking equipment and building materials.

BPI then conducted an online auction, ensuring a smooth experience for both Warrens Timber and potential buyers. This involved:

BPI’s strategic approach yielded impressive results for Warrens Timber: The entire closure process, including the auction and removal of assets, was completed within a remarkable six weeks, minimising disruption for Warrens Timber and streamlining their exit from the market. Maximised returns: BPI’s accurate valuations and targeted marketing strategies ensured their assets achieved fair market value, generating significant financial benefits for Warrens Timber during their closure.

ASSET DISPOSAL: One of the key challenges they faced was how to efficiently offload a large amount of equipment and inventory

Richard Travis, Industrial Specialist at BPI, commented on the success of the project: “We understand the challenges businesses face during closure. Our goal is to streamline the process, recover maximum value for our clients’ assets, and allow them to focus on the final stages of closure with peace of mind.

In Warrens Timber’s case, this meant not only achieving a swift site clearance but also ensuring their valuable woodworking machinery found new homes within the industry.”

BPI works closely with businesses to understand their unique needs, develop customised disposal strategies, and ensure a smooth transition.

This collaborative approach builds trust and fosters long-term partnerships, guiding businesses like Warrens Timber on optimal asset disposal timing and maximising the value they recover during closure.

By partnering with BPI Asset Disposal Solutions, companies facing closure can navigate this challenging process with confidence. BPI’s expertise streamlines the process, maximises returns on assets, and frees businesses up to focus on the final stages of closure.

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