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ONE STOP CONCRETE SHOP: Boyles of Tralee opens Ireland’s first drive through concrete mortar and screed vending machine

GEORGE Boyle established Boyles Hardware in Killorglin, Co. Kerry in 1964. Following the success of this award-winning store and having recognised the potential of the growing town of Tralee, George opened a second branch in Tralee in 1994.

Topline Boyles remains a family-run business today. The store is now managed by Adrian Boyle who has earned a reputation for expertise and friendly staff over the years.

The team at Topline Boyles share more than 70 years of hardware and DIY experience and enjoy putting this knowledge to good use each and every day.

Following a major revamp and extension of the store in 2013, Boyles of Tralee offers a comfortable, modern and enjoyable shopping environment for both trade and public customers.

Alongside hardware and plumbing departments and a fully stocked builder’s merchants, the Tralee store now boasts an extensive door and floors section, a stove centre, paint centre, and a bathroom showroom.

The store is conveniently located in Clash Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Tralee town, easily accessible from the recently opened Tralee bypass road.

We continue to promote new products during the year by holding demonstration days for all of our customers to attend. This ensures that all of our customers are kept up to date on all current and future trends in the building and DIY industry.

Boyles of Tralee have recently expanded into an adjacent site which will create a large space for the new fibo Collect plant in a convenient location in the centre of the yard.

QUALITY MARK : Boyles employees attending the Factory Acceptance Test of the fibo equipment in Denmark

fibo Collect launch at Boyles of Tralee

Landscapers, Builders and DIY enthusiasts across North Kerry face the same common challenges when it comes to mixing small loads of concrete, mortar and screed – The time-consuming hassle of mixing it on site, minimum 1m3 orders, small load charges, long waiting times for collections and deliveries.  The solution to all of these issues is the fibo Collect Drive Thru Concrete, Mortar and Screed system.

fibo Collect is an automated batching plant, with self-cleaning technology that allows customers to order small to large quantities of concrete, mortar or screed at the touch of a button. With orders from 0.25m3 Boyles of Tralee are revolutionising convenience – Their new on-site service will allow customers to instantly mix, pour & dispense small volumes of concrete so that they can start their projects in a matter of minutes not hours.

How it works:

Boyles of Tralee customers will be able to access the collection service following a simple 3-step method in the branch:

  1. Place an order at the counter and collect your barcode
  2. Position your vehicle or tub under the conveyor belt
  3. Scan your barcode at the fibo Collect touch screen terminal to start mixing

For most small loads of concrete, mortar or screed, the entire mixing and pouring process can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Customers will be able to collect their concrete, mortar or screed on the back of a trailer, a flatbed truck or pour directly into a mortar tub which can be loaded onto their vehicle at the branch.

Benefits to the local community in Tralee:

This new acquisition is set to bring about many benefits to members of the local community in Tralee. Here are just some of them :

  • Cost-effective solution – Customers will only need to pay for what they use
  • Time-saving solution – There will be no need to wait around at Boyles
  • Hassle-free – just turn up and collect no need to book
  • Convenience – collect when you’re coming to pick up other products. Kill two birds with one stone
  • Order from as little as 0.25m3 or as much as you like.
  • Dynamic mix – options include various concrete, mortar or screed recipes
  • Adaptable – Collect on the back of your van or using a mortar tub.
  • Automated mixing technology – cutting-edge control panel ensures all recipes are high quality and consistent
  • Additive control – control the workability and setting time of material

The rising CO2 impact of cement waste and heavy environmental cost of delivering small quantities around North Kerry can be addressed with this Drive Through alternative. Here are some ways the concept can support the environment:

  • Waste Reduction: The Drive Through system can minimize production waste through precise material weighing, in contrast to traditional ‘self-mixing on site’ practices that often lead to over-ordering and material wastage.
  • Transport Efficiency: The convenient location of the Tralee branch means customers can cut down on the transport miles required and it reduces the need for larger delivery vehicles to be on the road.
  • Water Sustainability: fibo Collect’s water recycling and self-cleaning technologies promote a more sustainable manufacturing process.

The machines are manufactured by fibo Intercon A/S, a Danish company that is internationally recognised as a leading global partner in innovative concrete technology. ‘fibo Collect’ has helped the company secure several digital innovation awards. The concept launched in the UK in early 2023 and there are now 7 units in operation across the UK, with more on the way.

The technology is ideally suited for location in local builder’s providers where it provides an additional service to customers and allows the Builder’s Providers to become a One Stop Shop for their customers.  The technology is anticipated to drive additional footfall and associated revenue for Builder’s Providers who adopt this technology.

Boyles of Tralee will be the Ireland launch customers for the technology and driven by Adrian and his team it is expected to be a great success for both Boyles of Tralee and their customers.

We aim to expand the technology nationwide and to continue to innovate and look at how this technology can be further developed to help build a more sustainable construction model that minimises our carbon footprint.

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