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Aggregate Industries UK announces new CEO


A new chief executive officer has been appointed to lead Aggregate Industries UK, part of the global Holcim group.

Earlier this year it was announced that current CEO, Dragan Maksimovic, had been appointed as Region Head West Europe overseeing the leadership of the Holcim businesses in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

Holcim group has now announced Lee Sleight as the new CEO of Aggregate Industries UK. He will take up his position on 1 August 2024.

Lee joined the business in 2021 as Managing Director of the readymix concrete division and in his time there transformed the business. Last year he moved to take up the role as Managing Director of the aggregates division.

Lee has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry holding various senior leadership positions.

Outgoing CEO and Holcim Region Head West Europe Dragan Maksimovic, said: “Firstly, I’d like to congratulate Lee on his appointment. He will make an excellent CEO.

“I have worked closely with him for the last few years and he has a proven track record in leading and transforming businesses. I am confident he will continue to drive the business forward while delivering on our ambitious plans of decarbonisation and green growth.”

Lee Sleight, Aggregate Industries UK new CEO, said: “It is a very proud moment for me to be chosen to lead this fantastic business. Having been with the company for a number of years I know first-hand how amazing the people who work here are.

“I am now really looking forward to working with our teams around the country in order to deliver on our ambition to be the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable construction materials and to keep progressing on our journey to a net zero future.”

Kaziwe Kaulule will succeed Lee as Managing Director of the company’s aggregates division. Kaziwe joined AIUK in October 2023 as Director of Strategic and Commercial Growth, having previously been CEO of Holcim’s South Africa and Zimbabwe businesses.


Paul Moyne, Project Manager at Farrans, Owen Williams, Director, TFT, Glenn Gilmore, Regional Director, Farrans, Josh Morgan, Project Manager, Inspired Villages, Shaun Whelan, Construction Director, Inspired Villages, Clare Taylor, Contracts Director, Farrans, Phil Christopher, Principal Designer, TGA, Michael Wheeler, Associate Building Surveyor, TFT and John Blanc, Clerk of Works, Hickton Consultants.

The award-winning developer and operator of integrated retirement communities, Inspired Villages, and main contractor Farrans Construction have celebrated the ground breaking milestone as work begins at the £45m Phase 1 of Widmore Park Village in Sonning Common.

The first phase of works will include 73 high-quality, bespoke homes tailored for those over 65 and will incorporate a state-of-the-art wellness suite within the village centre.

The Widmore Park community, once delivered in full, will provide 133 age-appropriate, sustainable homes for around 150 over 65s, as well as impressive facilities including a restaurant, cafe, hairdressers, library and a wellness centre comprising a swimming pool, steam room, treatment rooms and a gym with a fitness studio. Some of these features such as the gym, pool, restaurant, and café will be open and accessible to the wider community.

The development will provide further benefit to the local area and economy by creating over 100 construction roles, and more than 40 operational positions once complete. In addition to this, the two organisations have already started supporting the local community in a variety of other ways.  Farrans started with a donation of laptops for Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge (MECE) secondary school’s Special Educational Needs Department where they also presented a ‘careers in construction’ session to 70 year 10 students. Colleagues from Farrans and Inspired Villages also volunteered their time to clear the Sonning Common Scout’s Hall.

Widmore Park will join a fast-growing pipeline that puts Inspired Villages on track to deliver its plan to establish 34 communities comprising 5,100 homes for 8,000 individuals aged 65 and above. It will also follow in the footsteps of the UK’s first Net Zero (regulated energy) retirement community, Millfield Green, which opened in November last year in terms of its sustainability credentials.

Paul Moyne, Project Manager at Farrans, Glenn Gilmore, Regional Director, Farrans, Shaun Whelan, Construction Director, Inspired Villages, Josh Morgan, Project Manager, Inspired Villages and Clare Taylor, Contracts Director, Farrans.

Shaun Whelan, Construction Director for Inspired Villages, commented:

“We’re hugely proud of the community we’re creating at Sonning Common and know Widmore Park will join our nine operational villages to become a great asset to the local area, whilst supporting the provision of housing for the region’s over 65s in a sustainable and conscious way. The benefit to residents and the wider community is proven and significant so we’re delighted to mark today’s groundbreaking milestone as the first step towards Widmore Park becoming a thriving and popular retirement community.”

Glenn Gilmore, Regional Director for Farrans, said:

“We are proud to be delivering this important scheme for Inspired Villages and we recognise how important it is to have well-designed, high quality retired living developments like Widmore Park  which promote activity, community and sustainability in our later years. We have already started an extensive programme of social value activities to leave a positive lasting legacy in the area including donating ten laptops to Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge (MECE) secondary school special educational needs department and presenting a careers in construction workshop to 70 year ten students at the same school. We will be keeping the local community up to date with our work progress in the Sonning Common magazine and we are looking forward to hosting 12 coffee mornings at the nearby parish in partnership with Age UK.”

Reeves correct to cite poor regulation as a growth barrier

Rico Wojtulewicz
Rachel Reeves gave her first speech as Chancellor, emphasised stability, investment and reform as her three pillars essential for ensuring growth is the Labour government’s national mission. She highlighted that ‘nowhere is decisive reform needed more than in planning’, the Chancellor announced initiatives to speed up the grid, remove barriers to onshore wind, and review the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).
Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the National Federation of Builders, said:
 “The NFB has been at the forefront of lobbying for planning reform, so it is exciting to have a government that understands why reforming it will deliver and sustain employment, housing, transport, regional and national strategy, and investor confidence. Tax cuts enable growth because they free up funding, but if money cannot be invested due to anti-growth agendas, it gets wasted on bureaucracy, held back or goes abroad. It is fantastic to have a Chancellor who understands this reality.
Labour have had a consistent message on planning reform throughout their campaign and it bodes well for the country that they appear to be sticking to their promises – something sorely missing over these last five years. The NFB Manifesto, ‘Supporting Construction to Power Growth,’ contains many planning reform recommendations and we look forward to having a chance to explain them to the new government.”
The announced NPPF review is a necessary first step in implementing Labour’s promise to reintroduce housing targets and ensure the ambition of the ‘grey belt’ is realised. The new Government has already announced the removal of footnotes in the NPPF that hinder onshore wind development.
Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Policy and Market Insight, said:
“Labour is correct to review the NPPF because the most recent review removed housing ambition, took powers away from councils to allocate land, increased the discretionary planning process by introducing vague language, and where sensible approaches were introduced, such as National Development Management Policies, powers were taken away to enable them in practice.
Without planning reform, growth Is either temporary or in sectors without substantial knock-on investment, such as the services sector. This needs to change and we should look at Birmingham as an example of how to do it well.
The second city’s automotive industry didn’t just need premises to build cars but also facilities to manufacture components. This, alongside tens of thousands of industry-specific jobs, was enabled across the entire Midlands region and supported by a nationally accessible transport network, once again made possible by decisive, strategic planning. In turn, this fuelled investment in ancillary businesses, such as aftermarket care and nationally spread garages.
With new technologies coming thick and fast and green industries growing exponentially, the UK cannot afford to delay enablement. Labour’s immediate decision to unlock onshore wind projects should give the nation hope that ‘national renewal’ and ‘growth’ are not just slogans.”

Develon Mini-Excavator Used to Install Panes of Glass in Home


We are used to seeing countless jobs carried out by mini-excavators, but a novel application in the construction industry involving a new Develon DX20Z-7 model demonstrates a new way of working for many companies in the sector.

The two tonne Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator was recently purchased by Ciment i Estructures Costa Brava, a company located in Garrigàs (Girona) in Spain. With the DX20Z-7, the company met their need for a mini-excavator that is very compact, powerful and above all versatile.

Maximum Versatility and Compact Size

Ismael Cabrera, Manager of Ciment i Estructures Costa Brava, commented: “In the latest work we carried out with the Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator on a house renovation project, the advantages have been multiple thanks to the versatility provided by this machine. The mini-excavator was able to move freely inside the house, even going down the narrow stairs of this single-family home. This has translated into operator comfort, savings in time and costs, and provided a solution where other larger machines were unsuitable.”

The Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator stands out for its combination of high performance and compactness, combined with a zero tail swing design that is the ideal solution for working in small and indoor spaces.

When fully retracted to a width of 950 mm, the DX20Z-7’s retractable undercarriage allows the machine to fit through tight spaces. But when fully extended to a width of 1360 mm, it provides the excavator with optimal stability. The undercarriage is easily extended and retracted using a switch located on the control panel.

An Unusual Application

In the home in question, a number of tasks were carried out with the mini-excavator, but the most exciting aspect without a doubt was the installation of approximately 26 panes of glass on the facades and interiors of various sizes, weighing between 320 and 400 kg.

To do this, a special suction cup attachment had to be attached for installing the glass. This system attaches easily and safely to the Develon mini-excavator, thanks to its standard adaptation. Normally this type of implement is used on a truck crane, however, being able to access certain windows directly from inside the home has made installation much easier.

Ismael Cabrera added: “We find projects are increasingly more difficult and refurbishments are even more so. In our area, special jobs are very expensive and we have to try to do the work with our own workers and our machines, so that it is profitable. Previously we carried out this type of work with rented machinery. Now we save on hire costs, paperwork and by doing it ourselves we bring it together better and in a more agile way.”

Comfort and Robustness

He continued: “In the company, there are four of us who operate the machines and we all agree that the Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator is very easy to handle, in addition to being very comfortable for the operator, providing unbeatable visibility, high safety and robustness.”

Designed with the operator in mind, the DX20Z-7 has optimal ergonomics. The operator position has ample foot space, ergonomic pedals and easy access to all controls. While visibility from the operator’s seat is very good. Its long-lasting materials ensure that the DX20Z-7 offers resistant and robust performance in any type of application. The heavy gauge steel tailgate ensures greater durability and peace of mind while on the job. Cylinder guards and the battery cover provide additional protection.

Ismael Cabrera concluded: “In terms of fuel consumption, we have found it is very low on the DX20Z-7. Another reason for choosing Develon was the service provided by the dealer in our area, Boadella Vallsmadella, together with the support of the Spanish distributor, Centrocar. We consider that having official back-up nearby is important and the most beneficial for our team for a local and personalized service. Our overall rating of the Develon DX20Z-7 mini-excavator would definitely be 10.”


For more on Develon, please visit the website:

Surveyors in NI remain optimistic on sales outlook as supply and demand edge up again

Terry Robb

RICS and Ulster Bank Residential Market Survey NI – June 2024

Surveyors in Northern Ireland are upbeat when it comes to the residential sales outlook over the coming months according to the latest Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Ulster Bank Residential Market Survey as both supply and demand continue to edge upwards.


A net balance of 46% of NI respondents expects sales to rise over the third quarter of 2024, up from the net balance of 36% that was seen in the survey previous, and the highest across all of the UK regions.


Prices are also expected to continue to tick upwards. A net balance of 64% of NI respondents reported a rise in prices over the past three months, and a net balance of 70% of survey respondents anticipate that prices will rise through Q3. This is the highest this balance has been in over three years, up marginally from May when the net balance was reported to be 68%.


With regard to demand, whilst this continues to edge higher, it is doing so at a slighter softer rate in the latest survey than in the previous report. A net balance of 30% of surveyors in Northern Ireland reported that new buyer enquiries rose through the month of June. Although this is less than the 48% that was seen in May, it is amongst the highest balances across all of the UK regions.


Supply also increased but at a slightly reduced rate. A net balance of 32% of NI respondents noted a rise, compared to 45% in May. The latest figure is, however, the highest balance across all UK regions, with the second highest balance seen in the South West with a net balance of 12%.


Following the supply and demand trend, newly agreed sales were also up in number, but the rate of increase eased. A net balance of 33% of respondents in NI noted a rise in sales through June, down from 46% in May.

Samuel Dickey

Samuel Dickey, RICS Northern Ireland Residential Property Spokesman, comments: “The first half of 2024 has been steady in Northern Ireland’s residential market, with prices edging up and good levels of demand evident. Anecdotally we know though that there is quite a lot of variation in the market, with some areas of NI seeing stronger demand than others, and prices rising more firmly in popular locations. But overall, it’s encouraging to see respondents in NI remaining optimistic about activity levels over the coming months.”

Terry Robb, Head of Personal Banking at Ulster Bank says: “The latest survey points to an ongoing confidence in the market with Northern Ireland again faring better than the overall UK market, and surveyors here expecting sales levels to tick up in the months ahead. Similarly, we expect good mortgage demand, based on the demand in the housing market aligned with recent reductions in our mortgage rates. The challenge for the market though remains the fact that many potential borrowers continue to experience a shortage of quality homes to choose from.”

CLD Physical Security Systems responds to international client’s security requirement in record-breaking time frame


CLD Physical Security Systems (CLD) has supplied a robust perimeter security solution to a prestigious Blue-chip client in North America within a tight 10-day timeframe, reigniting the cargo business between Air Canada and Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport for the first time in 30 years.


The client was faced with an urgent security requirement, and enlisted CLD as a renowned global leader in security fencing solutions to specify, manufacture, and deliver a bespoke solution to secure property lines around the client’s site.


CLD combined 2,700 linear metres of its FenceSafe Eclipse on-ground rigid mesh fencing with 14 sets of on-ground solar-powered LockMaster swing gates within the specification. Selected for its durability and adaptability, FenceSafe Eclipse met the client’s stringent security standards, while the LockMaster gate system provided sustainable access control aligned with their environmental objectives.


Within 10 days of receiving the order, the system was manufactured, despatched, and transported by a dedicated air charter service to the location in North America, demonstrating CLD’s agility in its speed of response to this urgent request.


Scan Global Logistics, a distinguished global freight forwarder, arranged and chartered a Boeing 767 Freighter aircraft to deliver the order, and the handling at Glasgow Prestwick Airport marked a significant milestone, with Air Canada using the airport for the first time in 30 years.


Neville Wells, Director of CLD, said: “We are honoured to have been a trusted partner to our global Blue-chip client in this project, successfully supplying them with an effective perimeter security solution in such a short timeframe.


“The transportation process was a critical component to this, demonstrating our commitment to rapid and reliable delivery, to any location across the globe. We are also delighted that this delivery contributed to the revitalisation of this essential transportation route between Scotland and North America.”


For more information on CLD Systems, please visit:

Sharpest rise in new orders since February 2022


Today sees the release of June data from the Ulster Bank Northern Ireland PMI Growth Tracker. The latest report signalled that the Northern Ireland private sector ended the second quarter of the year comfortably inside growth territory. New orders increased at the fastest pace since February 2022, feeding through to a marked rise in business activity. The rate of job creation was only modest, however, amid some reports of difficulties sourcing new staff.

Commenting on the latest survey findings, Richard Ramsey, Chief Economist Northern Ireland, Ulster Bank, said:

“The latest PMI wraps up the first half of 2024 and shows that NI’s private sector is in a much better condition than it was in January. Most of the key indicators have improved significantly in that period, with output, new orders and employment all markedly higher in the second quarter against the first. Growth in order books has been accelerating almost every month in 2024 and June represented the fastest rise in 28 months. Indeed, new order growth in Northern Ireland was the strongest of the 12 UK regions in June. Notably, export orders fell for the 14th month running, meaning that the overall new order growth is being driven by domestic demand.

“Whilst all four sectors have been in expansion mode, it is manufacturing that is the star performer. Manufacturing output and orders expanded at their fastest clip in 27 months, but despite this demand, manufacturers’ staffing levels fell for the third month running. Recruitment difficulties and challenges replacing leavers continued to be cited in the report, and this is leading to backlogs as the constrained capacity is not able to meet the growing demand. This situation looks set to intensify, with manufacturers’ optimism for output in 12 months’ time hitting a series high.

“Manufacturing’s strong demand is being accompanied by inflationary pressures, with input costs rising at their fastest pace in 16 months. These costs are being passed onto customers, with output prices rising at their fastest pace in 14 months. It is though encouraging to note that construction prices, on the other hand, which had gone through a sustained period of inflationary pressure, are now rising at their weakest pace in almost four years.

“The latest figures have been compiled in the mouth of a General Election. But the private sector, like households, eagerly awaits announcements from the next government. An emergency budget is expected, the only questions are when, and what will be in it?”

The main findings of the June survey were as follows:

The headline seasonally adjusted Business Activity Index posted 55.8 in June, down from May’s reading of 56.4 but still signalling a marked monthly increase in output during the month. Business activity has now risen in each of the past seven months, with only London seeing a faster expansion in June. Particularly sharp increases in activity were seen across the manufacturing and service sectors, while growth was also recorded in construction and retail. Rising output was mainly a response to higher new orders, which increased at the fastest pace since February 2022.

Growth of new orders and the prospect of further improvements in the months ahead supported job creation in June. Although new business increased rapidly, the pace of job creation eased to a four-month low amid some reports of difficulties finding suitable staff. As a result, backlogs of work increased slightly. Rises in wages and transportation costs resulted in a further marked increase in input prices in June, with the pace of inflation ticking higher. In turn, companies also increased their output prices at a faster pace. Northern Ireland firms remained confident that output will expand over the coming year, with the level of sentiment unchanged from that seen in May.

LEICHT Contracts finalist at London Construction Awards 2024

LCA 2024, Project Team Of The Year

LEICHT Contracts, one of the UK’s leading providers of German engineered kitchen furniture to the new build and regeneration construction market is named a finalist at this year’s London Construction Awards 2024, shortlisted for ‘Project Team of the Year’.


The ‘Project Team of the Year’ award recognises excellence in collaboration, teamwork, and project delivery within the construction industry, and celebrates teams that have showcased exceptional dedication and professionalism, contributing significantly to the success of construction projects across the UK. Expert judges were looking for clear examples of teams working cohesively, overcoming challenges, and delivering outstanding results, which led to LEICHT Contracts being named 1 of 5 finalists.


Established in 2014, LEICHT Contracts is located in SE1 London at The Leather Market, a beautifully restored period building not far from London Bridge. Home to the company’s state-of-the-art design studio and meeting space, LEICHT Contracts is supported by a team of qualified experts including its in-house Projects Design team, UK Operations team, Projects Management team and dedicated customer service department.


Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to collaborative excellence, innovation, operational effectiveness, legacy and lasting impact, client satisfaction, and improvement and learning, LEICHT Contracts Project Team is thrilled to become a finalist at this year’s London Construction Awards.


The London Construction Awards celebrates achievements, developments and innovation across the UK’s booming construction industry and features a wide range of categories for solution providers, suppliers, contractors, architects, civil engineers, developers, local authorities and more. 2024 finalists are invited to attend a glitzy black-tie awards ceremony, hosted by English actor and comedian, Tom Davis, on Friday 27th September at Novotel London West.

Sarah Edwards, Matt Goddon, Chris Hellaby, Emily Everett

Sarah Edwards, Managing Director UK at LEICHT Contracts says  “The entire projects team is delighted to be in the running for a London Construction Award, and being a project team award, we all feel extremely proud to stand up and be counted. Our UK projects team is based at our 3,000 sq. ft design space in Borough, London, which is designed with collaboration in mind. The ground floor displays some of the latest contemporary kitchen designs and is complemented by a spacious materials studio, boardroom, staff room and open plan office on the first floor so the team can collaborate, support, and collectively get creative, with each other daily. The central office is the perfect base for our growing team to supply the volume contract market and work together with clients, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We have everything crossed for winning results in September!”


LEICHT furniture is multi-faceted by design and presents a comprehensive range of design solutions that help to characterise the architectural kitchen and create original interiors through a specially curated mix of luxury units and doors, worksurfaces, and wall solutions for the contemporary kitchen.

Hagan Homes’ New £8M Carncormick Meadow Housing Development Offers Prime Location for Commuters


The Ballyclare homebuilders’ latest project in Cargan, Ballymena, features 53 competitively priced yet style-astute modern homes

Hagan Homes has announced it has commenced construction on its latest residential development, Carncormick Meadow, located on Gortnageeragh Road, Cargan, Ballymena.

Initial work kicked off in Spring, marking Hagan Homes’ first-ever housing development in the Cargan area. The project, a significant £8 million investment, is expected to take two years to complete, creating up to 60 jobs during the construction phase.

Carncormick Meadow promises to be an exemplary residential community, blending modern living with the neighbouring beauty of County Antrims countryside and popular NI attractions.

The development will feature 53 homes, including three-bedroom semi-detached and detached houses, designed to cater to families and individuals. The homes will be priced between £160,000 and £190,000, making them an attractive option for a range of buyers.

Each home at Carncormick Meadow is designed to an impeccably high standard, ensuring style, comfort, and luxury. The properties feature bright, spacious interiors, striking exteriors, and high-quality fixtures and fittings throughout. Homeowners will benefit from modern conveniences, including the Ember PS Smart Heating Control System, pre-wiring for BT and Sky Q, and ultrafast full fibre broadband.

Additionally, Carncormick Meadow is Hagan Homes’ first A-rated EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) development. The EPC’s purpose is to indicate how energy efficient a building is, providing an energy efficiency rating from A to G, where A is very efficient, and G is the least efficient. The better the rating, the more energy efficient the building is, and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be. This rating underscores Hagan Homes’ commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, ensuring lower fuel bills and a smaller carbon footprint for homeowners.

Situated in a prime location, Carncormick Meadow offers residents convenient access to essential amenities and services. With a bus stop just minutes away by foot, commuting to Ballymena and beyond is easy. The development also boasts excellent road links to Ballymena, Antrim, and Belfast City Centre, ensuring hassle-free travel for daily commuters. Belfast International Airport and George Best City Airport are reachable in under an hour by car, making travel further afield straightforward.

Residents of Carncormick Meadow will enjoy easy access to multiple supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsburys, and Lidl, all within a twenty-minute drive. The renowned Glenariff Forest Park, with its expansive woodlands, lakes, and recreational spaces, is just 10 minutes away by car, offering a perfect escape for family outings and nature lovers. The nearby Cushendall Golf Club and several notable landmarks, such as the historic Dark Hedges, Carnfunnock Country Park, and the picturesque village of Broughshane, are also easily accessible.

Jim Burke, Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Hagan Homes, said, We are thrilled to bring Carncormick Meadow to the Cargan area. This development illustrates our commitment to building high-quality homes that meet the needs of modern families while integrating seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surrounding area. We look forward to welcoming the first homeowners and seeing this community flourish. We anticipate the first handovers to take place this winter.”

The showhome at Carncormick Meadow is scheduled to open in October, offering prospective buyers an opportunity to experience the quality and design of the homes firsthand. The first phase of homes will be completed, with handovers beginning in November and December. The entire site is expected to be finished by early 2026.

Edmondson Estates (028 2565 5733) and Homes Independent (028 2565 1111) are managing the sales for Carncormick Meadow. Interested buyers are encouraged to contact these estate agents for more information and to schedule a viewing. smart sockets installed at PKF Francis Clark in Bristol


Machine-learning enabled-start up to reduce energy costs by over a fifth


RO Capital Partners (“ROCP”), the RO Group’s venture capital arm, announces that its portfolio company,, has installed its smart power sockets in the office of PKF Francis Clark in Bristol.  PKF Francis Clark is an award-winning firm of chartered accountants and business advisers. is a UK tech company that designs and manufactures smart, machine-learning enabled power sockets that will reduce the energy costs of PKF Francis Clark’s Bristol office by more than 20%.  PKF Francis Clark is located at 90 Victoria Street in that city, an office building comprising 24,377 sq. ft. of high-quality office accommodation across four storeys.’s solution eliminates ‘Small Power’ waste, which is energy not required by devices that are plugged in or directly wired; such as printers, AV equipment, chilled and hot water taps, monitors, and heaters, and which are often left fully on or in standby mode overnight.  Up to 40% of total electricity usage in most commercial office buildings can be attributed to this type of ‘Small Power’ energy use.


Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO, said:

“We are very pleased to have installed’s technology in our flagship Bristol property for a key tenant, PKF Francis Clark.  We acquired 90 Victoria Street in Bristol in April 2023, and ROCP’s investment into Reading-based was also made early in 2023”.

Also stating, “That investment was driven by the need to reduce energy, and we are delighted that PKF Francis Clark’s values align with our own, and that of  We look forward to seeing their simple solution for office occupiers who are under pressure to take action, cut energy costs, and reduce emissions installed in more properties around the country, as the business looks to scale.”


CEO and Co-Founder of, Dan Williams said:

“My electricity-saving message to companies is to not be fooled by the small size of certain devices.  A very high percentage of an office occupier’s electricity bill hides in the shadows, among small gadgets and forgotten chargers.  This silent power drain adds up faster than tenants think, and without ever realising it.  Powered by machine learning, our plug sockets will automatically identify and eliminate ‘Small Power’ waste for PKF Francis Clark, turning every appliance in their Bristol office into a cost-saving superhero.”


Jim Solomon, Regional Facilities Manager at PKF Francis Clark concluded:

“Since deploying’s AI-powered sockets, we have not only reduced our office’s energy consumption of the devices using the sockets by 38%, but have also gained invaluable insights into our power usage patterns. This technology has been instrumental in our efforts to operate more sustainably and efficiently.”

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