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Jewson partners with Melanoma UK, launching ‘slap it on, pass it on’ campaign

Jewson has announced a second year of partnership with Melanoma UK, launching a social media influencer campaign to encourage tradespeople to protect themselves and one another in the sun. 

As part of the ‘Slap it on, pass it on’ initiative, social media influencers working in the trades can be seen ‘slapping on’ sun cream to themselves before ‘passing on’ the suncream to another participant. Each influencer also nominates another three other people to take part, to spread further awareness and increase the reach of the campaign across the construction sector. 

Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, with skin cancer being the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer – particularly amongst 15-34 year olds. Around 85% of melanomas are caused by too much UV radiation – something builders and other tradespeople are exposed to when working outside frequently and for extended periods of time. The social media campaign has been created in response to these figures, to challenge the stigma of tradespeople applying suncream to themselves and one another. It also encourages builders and tradespeople to keep their shirts on and apply suncream around it for double protection. 

Last year, Jewson donated £10,000 to Melanoma UK which helped the charity to purchase ten dermatoscopes, hand held devices which make it easier to identify skin cancer, equipping GPs and skin cancer nurses with the ability to make a true difference in their communities. 

Gareth Drew, Head of Marketing at Jewson, said: “All too often we hear of tradespeople suffering from skin cancer or melanoma, due to prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays. Working outside is part and parcel of their job and that element can’t change, but what can, is the way in which the industry views sun protection – which is what makes this campaign so important. 

“For too long, applying sun cream on the building site hasn’t been taken as seriously as it should be, but when the repercussions are so significant, it’s vital we do what we can to change that. This second year of our partnership with Melanoma UK is making a huge impact thanks to our social media campaign, and we hope it will go a long way in helping the charity in its invaluable research and quest to protect more people from this awful disease. 

“Working together, we know we can make a real difference to the people who walk through Jewson doors every day – as well as their family and friends.”

Diane Cannon, Corporate Partnership Director at Melanoma UK, said: “Melanoma is a growing issue amongst outdoor construction workers so our partnership with Jewson is vital in raising awareness of how people in the industry can take better steps to protect themselves. The donation we received from Jewson last year has gone a long way in supporting people to detect and diagnose skin cancer quickly, and this year’s social media campaign is exactly the type of activity we know will spread the crucial messages we share about protecting your skin all year round.”

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