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POWERING THE FUTURE: Hitachi construction machinery takes electric equipment on European tour

HITACHI Construction Machinery is taking three zero-emission machines on a tour of Europe to show how it is meeting demands from the construction industry for sustainable solutions.

The battery-powered excavators, ranging from five to 14 tonnes will be demonstrated to selected dealers and customers, along with energy storage and charging units produced by Alfen BV.

The first stop is in Sweden in February and March, where authorised Hitachi dealer Delvator is introducing the electric equipment to a leading construction company. Next up will be Denmark, followed by several other countries in the coming months. The tour will end at Bauma 2025 in Germany.

As well as zero exhaust emissions, the ZX55U-6EB, ZX85-6EB and the ZE135 deliver lower noise levels, enhanced efficiency and fewer maintenance requirements. Based on the design of Hitachi Zaxis excavators, they work powerfully and productively on a wide range of projects, especially those where noise and emission levels are a priority.

To provide a clean power supply for the machines in urban and remote areas, HCME offers a mobile energy storage system to rent via its European dealer network. The 10ft container weighs 7.5 tonnes and has a 422kWh capacity, with external DC charger at maximum 300kW output and external AC distribution box for CEE power source. A scalable solution, it is best used for peak-shaving of increased electricity demand on the job site. It can also be remotely monitored via telematics.

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Hitachi construction machinery takes electric equipment on European tour

The ZX55U-6EB has inherited the short tail swing of the diesel-powered ZX55U-6 model and operates with exceptional manoeuvrability in confined spaces. Customers can choose between battery-powered operation, using 39kWh lithium-ion batteries, and cabled operation, which allows the machine to work while charging from a CEE 400VAC 3-phase power source. The battery can be recharged in 75 minutes and the average running time (depending on the application) is two hours.

The status of the electric drive system, including battery level and motor load factor, can be monitored remotely. Reduced external sound levels allow for greater flexibility for working times and options. Safety is enhanced by the rear camera to monitor the secure connection of the cable during operation. The comfortable cab includes air conditioning as standard.

With 800V operating voltage, the ZX85-6EB provides the same powerful performance as the ZX85US-6 diesel-powered model. It shares the same hydraulic system, and is also suited to working safely and efficiently in small spaces with exceptional manoeuvrability.

Operators can work productively throughout the day with the ZX85-6EB, utilising the 100kWh lithium-ion batteries, and cabled operation. This allows the machine to work while charging from a CEE 400VAC 3-phase power source.

For faster charging, an optional CCS2 allows the battery to be fully recharged in 45 minutes. Depending on the application, the ZX85-6EB has an average running time of 5.5 hours. And operators could work for even longer periods between charging with the optional increased 133kWh battery capacity. This also increases the machine weight so that an extra counterweight is not required.

ROAD TO ZERO EMISSIONS: Electric power Hitachi construction machinery in action

To ensure an efficient performance, as well as high availability, a heat pump system keeps the battery module at optimal temperature. It also enhances durability and ensures a long battery life.

The ZE135 KTEG machine has been designed and produced as a collaboration between Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd and Germany company Kiesel (KTEG – Kenki Technology Group). The new model provides equally high levels of performance as the conventional Hitachi ZX135US-7. It has a rated power of 74kW and 200kWh battery capacity.

The battery can be completely recharged within 75 minutes due to CCS2 rapid-charging technology. Alternatively, the machine can be charged in 110 minutes with 2 x CEE63 AC connection. Like the smaller Hitachi electric excavators, the ZE135 can also work while it is connected to the grid. Different charging options and the capability for cabled operation make the ZE135 a strong solution for all kinds of job-site conditions.

For added versatility, the ZE135 is available with a mono or two-piece boom. Safety is enhanced by the Aerial Angle camera system, which provides a 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the job site.

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